Going After the Roots

If you’ve ever finished the grueling task of digging up blackberry bushes roots & all, then you know how challenging prevention is.  The problem is we often don’t get the roots because we’re missing something.  We’re missing the right tools, manpower, time, or gumption to get at the root of the problem, literally.  Lakewood's CHOICE works diligently to use the right tools, manpower, time, & gumption. 


The tools used to do drug prevention involve listening, learning, and applying what we learn with proven strategies.  This year 3 programs have already rolled out that are proven to be impactful in preventing substance abuse.   A curriculum taught to all 9th graders at Cloverpark High School called “Project Success”, an “Incredible Years” parenting series in Spanish, and a support group for boys.  The proven tools for the task at hand. 


Manpower is at the heart of what makes our coalition great! There is a dedicated group of partners, parents, & professionals that inspire daily.  Whether it’s the amazingpartners that came to the 2nd annual block party or the 50 leaders of our city that came to the “Springbrook tour and talk”, Lakewood's CHOICE is indeed fortunate to work alongside so many incredible people sharing the load!   


When do kids have time to use substances? At school, afterschool and summertime.  On many half days Lakewood's CHOICE showed movies for kids, partnered with Pierce College to offer after school robotics, supported a Girl Scout troop, and partnered with many other community organizations to give kids something healthy & valuable to do this summer.


Gumption is defined as a shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness.  Making a dent in the overwhelming trend of Prescription drug abuse, underage Marijuana use, alcohol use, and other issues facing our youth is not for the faint of heart.  It requires for our coalition to swim upstream in order to reduce access to these substances, increase awareness of how harmful they are, and provide other healthy options for youth.    Lakewood's CHOICE is extremely thankful for your support and know we’re never going to get all those roots without everyone digging with us.