LISTEN2YOURSELFIE campaign comes to Lakewood

"What's Important to you?"

For the youth in Lakewood, we've been asking them this question the last month.  The answers probably won't surprise you.  Check out a few of our interviews by clicking on the words below:

"Family"                  "Teachers"

"Football"                "Friends"

Lakewood's CHOICE is launching a statewide campaign called Listen2yourselfie to engage youth to "Remember what's important: Forget Marijuana".  We're working alongside youth leaders to interview other youth, pass out posters at businesses, place a preview in the movie theatre, & ending it all with a youth led late night event for Middle Schoolers in Lakewood on March 11th.   

We know youth in Lakewood will face many hard things in 2017. Whether it's school stress, the stress poverty brings, or thinking about their futures: youth have as much stress as you or me.    We're inviting all youth through this campaign to look at what's important to them & forget Marijuana.  Will you join us in asking youth, "What's important?"