Voices of Lakewood youth: Thoughts on Marijuana

Youth have a lot to say about Marijuana.  They see it and smell it in their schools, neighborhoods, & homes. Over the past few months there's been a lot of conversation between adults in response to a recent article in the TNT, found here: "Ban Pot or Don't: Decide, Lakewood".  I wanted to hear from youth since they have opinions, attitudes, and are strong leaders in our community.  The youth of Lakewood are amazing & are really involved in this community, which is so inspiring!  I was honored and grateful to ask them the question,

"What do you think about Lakewood opening pot shops?"

"I think that it's dangerous" -Michael, 6th grade

"People will be buying & selling it more...grown men and women would walk around selling it to kids" -Diana, 6th grade

"Where I live, we live by 3 corner stores & when you're standing at the bus stop there's a guy smoking right near my stop...it would only get worse" -Jewel, 6th grade

"Kids would have more access to Marijuana in Lakewood"  -Jamal, 11th grade

"Kids would do the same thing they do with alcohol...wait outside the pot shops...ask someone going in to buy it for them and they get it easy." -Greg, 11th grade