Supporting youth, preventing treatment

Bringing drugs to school.  Suspension.  Even Expulsion.  Assessment.  Treatment.  Start again.  This is a vicious cycle for some kids in Lakewood that interferes with their life and school.  In order to prevent this cycle for kids Lakewood’s CHOICE is facilitating what are called "Curriculum-Based Support Groups" for youth in Lakewood. These support groups provide activities and conversations so youth can celebrate successes in their lives and discuss handling challenges.  The youth learn that they can make healthy choices when dealing with stress, anger and negative peer pressure. The groups create a safe place for youth to interact &  provide youth the opportunity to see themselves as leaders in their schools and communities who are capable of choosing healthy options.   Click "Get Involved"  to learn more about these groups & how you can support youth in Lakewood.


"Coming to group is the highlight

of my week"