3 reasons to visit September Lakewood's CHOICE meeting...

Summer is over.  The school year has begun!   

With it comes a renewed feeling of normal.  And also the familiar flurry of regularly scheduled commitments. 

So, Why would you make Lakewood's CHOICE one of them?


Here's 3 reasons: 

1) Impact youth through drug prevention

2) Hear & tell inspiring stories to renew our sense of purpose

3) Get to know other leaders in Lakewood who care a lot about kids & work together! 


You're invited to join us for our September meeting: This Wednesday September 27th at 3pm at the Lakewood Boys & Girls Club. BBQ right after at 4:30pm.


Here's a few items we're planning to cover:

+ DEA Drug Take Back Day- October 28th in Tillicum & Springbrook

+ Announcing new members of Leadership Team

+ Unveil newest action plan

+ Community survey contest

+ Prevention Teams at Lochburn & Clover Park

+ Special Guest: Sgt. Jackie Eliason from Liquor & Cannabis Board

Also, in case 3 reasons weren't enough...

***Bonus 4th reason- Free BBQ hot dogs & hamburgers at 4:30pm following the meeting!

All are invited to hang out after the meeting.***