We want to hear from you...Lakewood's CHOICE Community Survey 2017

Lakewood's CHOICE substance abuse prevention coalition is kicking off our annual Community Survey Campaign.  We'd love to hear from you about what's really affecting you.  

Who can take the survey? Anyone over 18 who lives in Lakewood.  

Why an annual survey? Because opinions change, people change, and a community changes.  Our goal is to respond effectively to these changes in order to help create healthy families & resilient youth.  The link to the survey is below.  We're so grateful for all the support we've already gotten so far! 

Here's some sample questions:

"Is Marijuana a problem for youth in Lakewood?...If so, how serious?" 

"Are depression or suicide a problem for youth in Lakewood?"  

"How effective are police at responding to underage parties with drinking and drugs?" 

Let us know what you think: Lakewood's CHOICE Community Survey Link 2017